One Earth

One Earth is a wordless short film that tells through imagery and music our relationship with the world, and how we have appropriated natural resources to the detriment of our environment, contributing to soil artificialization, the collapse of animal species, climate change, soil, air, and ocean pollution.

One Earth has been screened at various events such as the United Nations summit in 2022, the Kimolos International Film Festival, as well as in several thousand schools and universities worldwide, serving as an introductory resource to fuel educational content, reflections, and debates.

Educational Resource

One Earth is regularly used for educational purposes to initiate debates about the causes, consequences, and actions to be undertaken regarding ecology and our relationship with the world.

You are free to share the “One Earth” video using its YouTube link for your classes and lectures, to all types of audiences, as long as its content and intention are not altered, and you broadcast it in its entirety.

With its short format, it is particularly suitable for introducing the topic in a classroom and inviting students to:

  • Describe the images they have seen,
  • Discuss what they think the film’s intention is,
  • Identify various causes of environmental degradation (extraction, deforestation, soil artificialization, intensive agriculture, use of fossil fuels, demographics, plastic pollution, air and ocean pollution, etc.),
  • Explore potential individual and collective actions to reduce our environmental impact and prepare for the future.

You can also use the following resources for your projects:

One Earth for your projects

In case you wish to alter the content of the film One Earth, or reuse it in whole or in part for your own projects, please contact me directly to discuss.

To do so, you can use the contact form:


You can listen to the music of One Earth on all audio streaming platforms using the following link:

One Earth Credits

Created and edited by Romain Pennes
Music by Romain Pennes
Video footage by:
– Tom Fisk
– Kelly Lacy
– Bellergy RC
– Dan Dubassy
– Ruvim Miksanskiy
– José Carlos Alexandre
– Taryn Elliott
– Luc De Cleir
– Home Adrift
– Nomad Nation Videoproduktion
– Pressmaster
– Roman Odintsov
– Vitaly Vlasov
– Nick Murphy
– Charlie Wang
– Olivier Polome-Pengthong